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Discover Alicante’s Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum, Alicante
Archaeological Museum, Alicante. Credit: PD Photo

Are you tired of visiting the same tourist attractions and destination hangouts popular in Alicante? While the city may be known for the views, the beaches and the parks, there are some other interesting places to check out. Grab some delicious hot coffee at the local cafes, and make a trip to the Archaeological Museum in Alicante. Learning about the local culture can be an eye-opening experience!

The Archaeological Museum of Alicante is also known as Museo Arqueológico Provincial de Alicante (MARQ), which was created in 1932 in the city. What is now a popular museum was once a former site of the San Juan de Dios provincial hospital. Before that, the museum was located on the ground floor of the Provincial Council building on Avenida de la Estación avenue.

The Archaeological Museum is a destination frequented by many who want to enjoy the avant-garde works of art in modern audio-visual techniques. The museum contains significant pieces of historic artefacts which date back to Prehistoric, Roman and the Middle Ages. Awarded as the European Museum of the Year award in 2004, the Archaeological Museum has since then enjoyed prominence for being innovative and entertaining.

Interior of Archaeological Museum Alicante
Interior of Archaeological Museum Alicante
Credit: Joanbanjo / CC BY-SA 3.0

The museum has been divided into three main galleries focusing on the different areas of archaeology; Field Archaeology, Urban Archaeology and Underwater Archaeology. While over 300 objects date back to the Roman period and during the Middle Ages, some pieces of history are as old as 100,000 years, making them a rare historical find!

There are dioramas, audio-visual presentations as well as engaging interactive experiences to display more information. Thematic sections within the museum divide areas of history, geography and culture of Alicante, including a chronological display of information and introductory sections providing a detailed description of the sites, the archaeological objects on display and their importance in history.

The Archaeological Museum in Alicante offers a carefully curated engaging experience for you to remember. Book ahead and plan a trip to spend half a day or more truly reading and going through every section to soak in the wealth of knowledge on display. It can also be fun for children!

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