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Theatre & Dance in Alicante

Alicante city is renowned for its vibrant festivals, such as Las Hogueras de San Juan and the Carnivals, which vividly showcase the city's deep connection to the arts and culture. The city proudly houses some of history's oldest theatres, graced by the presence of renowned artists.

The theatres like Teatro Principal and Teatro Arniches have served as platforms for both national and international artists to showcase their talents to the world. These theatres have become homes to a wide range of art forms, including plays, dance performances, operas, orchestras, and more.

Teatro Principal

Teatro Principal d'Alicante (Teatro Principal) is the main theatre in Alicante, located in Plaza de Ruperto Chapí. The theatre was designed by architect Emilio Jover and was constructed and inaugurated in 1847. Initially, the theatre was named as Teatro Nuevo but later renamed Teatro de Alicante and then Teatro Principal. Teatro Principal hosts theatrical performances, cultural festivals, various events, concerts, dance performances and operas throughout the year.

Address:Plza. Ruperto Chapí, s/n, 03001 Alicante, Spain.

Teatro Arniches
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Teatro Arniches

Teatro Arniches is located on Aguilera Avenue in Alicante, Spain. In 2004 it was renovated by raising the stage's height. In 2013 the Film Library of the Generalidad Valenciana in Alicante was moved to Teatro Arniches. In addition to theatrical performances, it also hosts music concerts, workshops and shows.

Address: Av de Aguilera, 1, 03007 Alicante, Spain.

Enclavados Teatro

Enclavados Teatro

Nestled in Belmonte, the Enclavados Theatre Company was founded by artist Alberto Giner in 2006. This company represented Giner's dream project, aiming to narrate stories that resonate with the struggles and concerns of the people in their own language.

Address: Av. de los Condes de Soto Ameno, 03005 Alicante, Spain.

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