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As you make your way to the airport, prepare to be captivated by the radiant sun, stunning beaches, and exquisite Spanish cuisine. The beaches and sunbathing are integral to Alicante's tourism industry. Explore a different facet of the city with visits to Santa Barbara Castle, the Canelobre Caves, and Safari Aitana. Conclude your evenings with a traditional seafood dish complemented by a glass of local wine.

Alicante offers ample adventure opportunities for the younger crowd, including surfing, sailing, beachcombing, and other water activities. Yet, the city's offerings don't stop there. Alicante mirrors Spain's tradition of celebrating through music, dance, food, and fireworks. Alicante's vibrant nightlife is best experienced at its lively nightclubs and bars. While the joyous memories linger even as you board your return flight, don't forget to shop for souvenirs in Alicante.

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