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Taste Alicante’s Top Regional Dishes

July 05, 2018
The port city of Alicante has innumerable attractions and landmarks to visit during your holidays, along with plenty of entertainment. Now, while exploring the new city, plenty of popular restaurants of Alicante, come to mind but, we recommend checking out some of the city’s most traditional dishes to get a sense of the Spanish history and culture.
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Take an Electric Bike Tour in Alicante

June 26, 2018
The beautiful coastal city of Alicante is a wonder to visit and see and has a large variety of landmarks for you to sightsee and explore. Now, while it may be easier to walk on foot, especially during the pleasant summer months of the year, we recommend trying out checking out the city with the help of an electric bike tour. After all, there is always a unique way to experience new things!
Thumbnail for Visit Orihuela from Alicante

Visit Orihuela from Alicante

June 15, 2018
The stunning port city of Alicante is truly a wonder to behold and has innumerable attractions and sightseeing spots for you to go exploring. Now, while there is a lot to see and there are also plenty of restaurants recommended by travellers, we also recommend you go exploring to the small city of Orihuela from Alicante, to learn and discover the true Spanish culture in this small town.
Thumbnail for Visiting Alicante in June

Visiting Alicante in June

June 06, 2018
The port city of Alicante is a perfect destination getaway for anyone wanting to spend a relaxing holiday enjoying at the beach. The historic attractions, sightseeing spots and the entertaining nightlife also attract visitors from all over the world making the city a tourist hotspot. However, if you are someone who wants a little sun along with your swim, then June is ideal to get packing and head on over to Alicante.

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