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Explore Alicante’s Best Theatres

August 09, 2018
The wonderful and scenic city of Alicante is always a pleasure to visit when you want to spend some time with your family and friends. The city offers a perfect beach destination with idyllic weather conditions. This Spanish city has a lot of historical attractions for you to check out, but the nightlife in Alicante is even more fun! If you love music and want to discover the culture of this city then try visiting some of the city’s best theatres while you visit.
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Enjoy Alicante with Your Kids

July 31, 2018
The southern city of Spain is quite a popular tourist destination not only among the visitors but also among the locals. Besides its idyllic location right near the coast, the historic significance is what makes the city of Alicante so charming. While enjoying and exploring the city with your kids, be sure to visit and check out the best tapas in Alicante for a complete Spanish experience.
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Experience a Sunset Cruise in Alicante

July 19, 2018
The port city of Alicante is one of Southern Spain’s most beautiful spots to visit as a holiday destination. The picturesque city has wonderful coloured houses and winding streets with historic landmarks to offer. If you want to treat a loved one in this town, then you can spend the day at one of the best restaurants in Alicante, and then end the day with a romantic cruise watching the sunset.
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Taste Alicante’s Top Regional Dishes

July 05, 2018
The port city of Alicante has innumerable attractions and landmarks to visit during your holidays, along with plenty of entertainment. Now, while exploring the new city, plenty of popular restaurants of Alicante, come to mind but, we recommend checking out some of the city’s most traditional dishes to get a sense of the Spanish history and culture.

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