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Simple Ways to De-Stress in Alicante During Pandemic

Credit: Pixabay

With the COVID19 global pandemics, it is natural to get stressed. The bad news pouring in every day can get overwhelming and lead to anxiety, fear, and despair. At such times, it is essential to adjust to the new normal and manage stress to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. Here are some sure-fire ways of how you can de-stress in the idyllic city of Alicante.

1. Exercise Regularly

It is vital to have a schedule dedicated to exercising every day. It could be aerobic exercises or yoga done at home. Find out off-hours to go for a quick walk or jogging stint. Follow all obligatory requirements and social distancing measures. Involve the entire family, burn off some calories, and watch the release of endorphins elevate mood and keep a positive attitude.

Credit: Piqsels

2. Get Outdoorsy

It is easy to get cooped up staying indoors. How long can one binge on Netflix? Instead, plan some time to get outside and catch some sunshine and fresh air. Those who have a jammed work routine can find quiet moments to read a book on the porch and watch kids play. Alicante has lovely beaches; find the beaches in the city marked as safe and head for some refreshing sea-time.

3. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness encourages one to focus on the present state and is a proven stress-reducing technique. In addition, it can calm the amygdala, which is a critical factor in the brain's stress response. Simple meditation techniques of 1-minute exercises on smartphones can help to practise mindfulness regularly.

4. Create Me-Time

Consider picking up a hobby! It could be anything from gardening to baking. It is a great time to see your wishes come to life. Discover your hidden talents and entertain yourself. It can help to calm down and de-stress.

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