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Simple Ways to Destress & Relax in Alicante

Credit: Etienne Dayer/Unsplash

It can be exhausting when you have a planned vacation with tours exploring every inch of a new city. While Alicante has a lot to offer, sometimes all the sightseeing can become over-stimulating. If you’re looking to unwind a little and spend the holiday just being in the moment, we’ve got the perfect tips for you! You can still walk around the city, but it can depend on how much or how little you want to see.

Enjoy Solitude by the Beach

Do you love the water? Alicante has plenty of beaches you can choose from to spend a morning or an evening. There are beaches where you can simply sit on the rocks to watch the sunset views and there are spots where you can enjoy early sunrise walks. All of this is a budget-friendly way to enjoy solitude and destress before the day begins. You can also immerse yourself in the underwater world through snorkeling, experiencing the captivating beauty of the sea firsthand.

Detox with Fresh Local Meals

Pizza, burgers and pasta sounds delicious, but you can use this holiday to completely detox from the worldly cuisine. Ditch the diets and tempting delicacies and stick to whole, fresh organic meals. Try out vegan cuisine, enjoy seafood meals freshly caught during the day, or just snack on healthy bites that will have you feeling light and fresh. The perfect way to unwind is by detoxing your body!

Explore the Nature-Friendly Outdoors

There is no better way to destress in the middle of the bustling city life than by heading to a local park or garden. Green spaces naturally calm you down, and spending a day people-watching or taking in the clean air in quiet solitude is a good way to relax. The best part is that most parks & gardens in Alicante are absolutely free!

Get Away from City Crowds

One of the best ways to indulge in a relaxing holiday is by heading away from the crowds. Alicante is a popular tourist getaway, and if you're going during the peak travel season, try heading to nearby villages and towns to destress and unwind. From Valencia to Marbella, there are plenty of scenic spots that are not always crowded.

Indulge in a Luxury Spa Getaway

Credit: Pxhere

A good way to unwind while you're on a vacation is by heading straight to a spa resort and getting some pampering done. Whether it's a facial or a massage, we recommend staying a day or two, enjoying all the facilities and getting exotic treatments. There is something incredibly freeing about unwinding at a spa, because of the calm & serene atmosphere.

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