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Best Things to Do in Alicante in 1 Day

Alicante castle port
Old castle port Alicante, Spain. Credit: bearfotos /

Where do you plan to spend your upcoming holidays? Some people have plans of spending it with their families while others have a defined destination that they will be going to. Either of the plans is ok but do you know that Alicante is a perfect vacation destination for you.

Visiting it will allow you to have a memorable experience that will live with you forever. If you are hearing about Alicante for the first time, it’s a city in Spain found in the southern part of the Valencian Community. It is a famous holiday destination for many tourists globally.

The name originates from the never-ending sequence of the sand beaches. You will meet a serene environment in the city that will allow you to relax and have fun. We linked up with our expert Lucas Goldberg (view profile), who shared what to do in Alicante today. Here are the best things to do in Alicante.

Visit Castle of Santa Barbara

Visiting the Castle will allow you to see various cultural arts. You will also see the monumental rock, which is mostly seen looming over Alicante.

The amazing aspect of visiting the place is climbing up the mountain. If you go when the sun is up, you may feel too tired for the climb. Therefore, doing that in the morning remains a preference for many people.

If you don’t like the tiresome walks, don’t worry because there is a lift that runs behind Postiguet Beach. Getting up to the mountain climbing battle is everyone’s joy when at the Castle of Santa Barbara.

Explanada de Espana

Do you love family walks? Visiting Explanada de Espana will allow you to take family walks as you enjoy the amazing environment. It’s among the few places that have got a marble-laid promenade.

It helps the visitors in pathfinding hence making their stay there excellent. You will also have an opportunity to watch the daily life of many people unfold. There will be a better view of the market stalls from the place. There are heartwarming sea breezes at night that makes the visitors feel relaxed.

Play games in casinos

Casino gaming enthusiasts know the impact the activity has on their life. Most casino owners in Alicante town understand that. They have integrated amazing casino games that give the players an equal gaming opportunity whether they are visitors nor not.

There is widespread internet connectivity, making it easy to access online casinos for real money for Canadian players. There are also gaming bonuses that you will receive when you join the sites. Such will enable you to try out various games and also build on your bankroll. If you are from Canada, you will still access the Canadian gambling sites in Alicante.

Casco Antiguo

It was once the Town of Alicante and currently is known as the old town. It’s located on the hillside immediately under the Castle. If you like touring various places with old architecture, Casco Antiguo is the place to be.

It’s filled with houses that display state-of-the-art architectural designs of the old days. You will imagine that being that it’s an old town, it traps many tourists as other old towns do. But that’s not the case considering that it’s majorly residential. The area is mostly quiet in the evening because the residents get to their houses at that time.

Santa Barbara caslte Alicante
Santa Barbara caslte Alicante. Credit: bearfotos /


Marina is among the few places that contribute massively to the Alicante tourism sector and the economy. When you visit Marina, you will find spectacular yachts. If you are a couple, you will enjoy the night outs because when the sun goes down, you will enjoy the scenic view that creates a romantic atmosphere.

That will happen when the lights reflect the water. If you like partying, then this is the perfect place where you will find the clubs that have the drinks and music you need. Also, you won’t need a time out Alicante as there are hundreds of activities to try. Some of the amazing clubs you will find there include the Kraken Bar.

Above are the exciting places to visit in Alicante. We believe that you now have better ideas of what to do when you visit the place. Whether you are in Canada or any other country, they will help you enjoy your visit and make it memorable.

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