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Safely Bring in the New Year in Alicante

woman having wine at home
Credit: Unsplash

The year is almost coming to an end! Now is the time to pop open the wine, drink some champagne and dance around to your favourite music, inside the safety of your home. While New Year celebrations in Alicante and around the world may be a little different, we have written down easy ways to keep the festive cheer alive as you watch the clock strike twelve. Don’t let your guard down and pay attention to curfew and COVID-19 rules!

Get Creative Planning Indoor Parties

Do you have children at home, waiting to be entertained? This New Year, ditch the adult party environment and stay up with your kids playing fun games and watching lots of movies. Let them stay up past midnight for a change, and make memories cooking local festive dishes, right at home!

Spend Time at the Beach

sand castle
Credit: Piqsels

The winter climate in Alicante is perfectly pleasant for you to enjoy spending a day at the beach. Settle down in a private spot away from the crowd, build sandcastles and frolic in the cool crystal water with the children. There is nothing better than watching the sun and the New Year set, safely with your family and loved ones.

Bring in Luck with Local Traditions

Alicante is without a doubt the best place to be during the New Year! There are several interesting year-end traditions in Alicante to bring in luck and prosperity. Wear red underwear, drop in your gold in a glass of cava and finish the toast before midnight or eat 12 grapes to bring in 12 lucky months of the next year. It is always fun to try and see!

Plan Out Places to Explore in Alicante

Have you been living in Alicante and have yet to visit some of the unique places? International travel may be in question, but you can sit with your partner and family to map out the places to visit in Alicante. Try visiting all the historic attractions in the New Year, and we guarantee that you will learn a lot about the city as well!

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