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Why is Alicante such a popular destination for Irish vacationers?

Credit: Pixabay/Photokane

Alicante has, for decades, been a very popular destination for those wanting a relaxing and sunny Spanish getaway. It sits on the mainland of the country down the south-east coast and has a population of approximately 350,000. It is also home to the glamorous and widely regarded Costa Blanca and welcomes around 3 million tourists each and every year, with the beautiful beaches facing out into the sea as the most sought-after destination when they land on Spanish soil. However, we know it is popular amongst tourists, but why is it so popular for people from Ireland who are wanting a vacation abroad? What’s the exact reason for this? Well, that’s what we’re going to look at today. 

It’s incredibly affordable

Well, a big part that plays a big role in anyone's decision when choosing a holiday is price. And it’s no secret that Ryanair is renowned for its cheap flights to many places on the European mainland, in particular Spain. It has a fleet size of nearly 600 planes, of which nearly 500 are in constant operation. Understandably, it is the country's biggest airline and also the world's largest airline when it comes to scheduled international passengers. And so, looping back to the price, it has been reported that Irish vacationers can pick up flight tickets one-way to Alicante for just €14.99. The region is also very relaxed when it comes to the online casino sector, making it very accessible to Irish players

A very short flight

When it comes to flying, nobody is interested in or a fan of long-haul flights, and so another reason why Alicante is such a popular destination is that it is only a short flight. It varies between 2 and a half hours and three hours depending on weather conditions from Dublin airport, meaning that in less than 3 hours you’re touching down on Spanish soil and you can then head out to your hotel.  

There’s something for everyone

And as opposed to only having attractions for certain demographics, there is something in Alicante for anyone and everyone. For example, if you're someone who likes to see old monuments and attractions and discover the history of the region, there is the Santa Barbara Castle, which dates back to the 9th century. And the country allows you, as a tourist, to explore at your leisure both inside and outside the castle, which spoils those who want to partake in the experience of unrivalled views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. And as we've already mentioned, the Costa Blanca beaches are famed for their soft white sand and crystal-clear water.  

Off-shore activities

And if you’re a fan of the water, on that note, there are plenty of activities to take advantage of that take you away from the beaches. There is a Catamaran tour that takes you along the coast with the ability to take a sneak peek underneath the water. And if you’ve ever wanted to take up surfing, there are facilities that allow you to take surfing lessons and ride some waves. All in all, as you are getting the idea so far, Alicante is a one-stop-shop for everything that someone from Ireland could ever want from a vacation. And it’s this convenience that has everything in one place that makes it such an attractive destination, coupled with the low prices.  

A taste of home-from-home

Of course, when you go on holiday, it’s always lovely to have that little taste of home-from-home, especially if it’s your first time on holiday or if you’re getting a bit homesick. And it’s no hidden secret that Irish bars are world-famous. You can find these in many different countries and in hundreds of cities around the world. Known for the serving of Irish drinks, the playing of Irish music, and laid-back camaraderie, And of course, Alicante is no exception to this trend. There are a healthy number of Irish bars in the city. Some of the more popular Irish venues in the city include Murphy’s Irish Pub, Dubliners, the O’hara Irish Pub, and the Little Duke. Some of these are located in the heart of the city, and some are out on the outskirts, so you’re never far from one should you fancy a pint of Guinness.  

In Summary

We’re hoping that if you were curious as to why so many people flock to Alicante when they are wanting a Spanish vacation abroad, we have given you enough reasons today that clear up this mystery, and maybe it has even given you enough reasons to consider flying over there yourself. After all, for the average person whose financial situation is harder than ever before, saving money where you can is important, and it’s such an affordable destination compared to other places throughout Europe, which is what makes it so popular.

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