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Travel to the city of Villena from Alicante

Villena Castle
Villena Castle
Credit: Flickr / VILLENA OBSERVERS / CC BY 2.0

The beautiful city of Alicante welcomes its tourists to the near-perfect weather for most of the months of the year. While traveling, you are bound to explore the city’s famous historic attractions and the beautiful beaches along the coastline. However, if you are willing to travel some more, we recommend checking out the quaint city of Villena on a tour from Alicante.

This private tour allows you along with four people to discover a completely new city, all in a span of a day! This is the ideal tour for a family or a group of friends looking to discover something not many people take the time visit. On your trip, you will get a fully narrated tour, and visit Villena’s popular attractions like the Atalaya Castle along with a local winery to spend your day. This magnificent journey from the winery ends at the comfort of your original departure point in Alicante.

This 5-hour trip begins by 9:30 am in Alicante, from where you travel to Villena and check out the local landmarks and other historical monuments. The guide will give you an in-depth tour of the region’s rich history as well.

Besides sightseeing in a new town, you will then be taken to a local winery and olive grove. You will also be taken to the different areas like the chapel, bodega square, cellars, vineyards and bottling rooms, where you can also check out the olive oil museum and grab some souvenirs at your own expense as well.

The local tour ends after spending some time relaxing and tasting wine at the winery before coming back to Alicante. If you are traveling this port city and would like to explore the Alicante province a little more, then you must take this day trip to Villena for an exciting time. We couldn’t recommend it more!

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Lionel Andrews
Alicante is a beautiful city with many hidden treasures to look out for along with a stunning beach.

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