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Food & Drinks

Must Try Restaurants in Alicante

Credit: Maxpixel
A great meal is an important element in making your holiday enjoyable. One cannot enjoy the waves on the beach, or discover the history of a monument if your stomach is growling. To assist you in this area, check out our compilation of some of the best restaurants in Alicante.

1) Fast&Bio

Situated near the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and City Hall, the Fast&Bio is the latest chic restaurant in the city. The food served here is made from 100% organic ingredients and boasts of being healthy as they are chemical-free. The wine variety is also huge and is ecological which means nature-friendly. Do try the fresh green salads along with some fancy menu it offers.
Location: Calle San Agustín, 1, 03002 Alacant.

2) Casa Mia Italia

Casa Mia Italia is obviously an Italian restaurant as the name suggests. The place has a warm and cosy feel and the friendly nature of the staff and the owner makes you feel at home. Try the delicious pizzas and pasta.
Location: Calle del Capitán Segarra, 30, 03004 Alacant, Alicante

3) Bar L'Estiu

The L'Estiu Bar is popular amongst the locals as a place to get yummy home-cooked food at affordable prices. The restaurant is like a second home to many and also plays great music which makes it a perfect family restaurant. The restaurant is operated by two females who love their job and serve with care.
Location: Calle Peru, 13, 03008 Alacant, Alicante.

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