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Food & Drinks

Best 5 Steakhouses in Alicante

Puerto Madero Grill & Drinks
Credit: Puerto Madero Grill & Drinks

The coastal city of Alicante is a delight for tourists as well as locals visiting from nearby towns. While there are plenty of historic attractions for you to sightsee, the restaurants and the mind-blowing Spanish cuisine definitely take the top spot! However, if you are craving something that is not traditional and completely American, then you can try out these steakhouses in Alicante for something different.

Puerto Madero Grill & Drinks

This restaurant is perfect if you want to enjoy peace and tranquillity in nature while you are still surrounded by the bustling city life. Top quality meats and delicious fried fish is what you can expect at Puerto Madero. One of the coolest places in Alicante, their Galician blonde cow steak is something you definitely want to try!

Address: Calle del Olimpo, 1, 03016 Alicante, Spain

Los Troncos

Los Troncos
Credit: Los Troncos

Los Troncos is the perfect example in Alicante if you want to get a glimpse of art on a dish. The perfectly cooked food ranges from meat to the city’s famed seafood. The steak’s here are a must try, and their wine collection makes it a favourite among tourists and locals.

Address: Asador Los Troncos RestaurantAvenida Albufereta 9803015 - Alicante

Templo Restaurante

Templo Restaurante
Credit: Templo Restaurante

Enjoy the delicious and mouthwatering meat in this cosy restaurant of Alicante. As per its name, the place is truly a temple for carnivores wanting to devour good meat while they enjoy the city views. The restaurant has their own unique flavour, making the dishes entirely different.

Address: Calle Periodista Pirula Arderius, 7, 03001 Alicante, Spain

La Vaquería

La Vaquería
Credit: La Vaquería

The freshly cooked steak tartare burger or the roast suckling lamb make La Vaqueria a spot to check out. The decadent smelling cooked food makes any meat lover burst with joy. So if you want to get a glimpse of food paradise, head over here!

Address: Ctra. Benimagrell, 52, 03560 El Campello, Alacant, Spain

Bodeguita 1999

Bodeguita 1999
Credit: Bodeguita 1999

Bodeguita 1999 is one restaurant of Alicante which will transport you back in time as you try out a bite of its delicious meaty dishes. The interiors are well-designed, and aside from the tapas, the flavourful Mediterranean cuisine makes you come back for more.
If you are a foodie and want to try out something different, then don’t miss out on Alicante’s food tours to enjoy a memorable dining experience.

Address: Calle Bailén, 4, 03001 Alicante, Spain

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