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Travel safety tips in Alicante

Credit: MaxPixel
Alicante is basically a safe city to travel to. While the occurrences of major crimes in this area are not many, things like bag snatching and pick-pocketing do happen. Therefore while travelling our motto should be ‘better to be safe than feel sorry’.
  • BEWARE OF THE SUN. Do not forget to put an ample amount of sunscreen if you don’t want to end up looking like a lobster. Use a sunscreen or wear protective clothing before hitting the beach and always remember to shower while leaving.
  • If you are travelling by tram keep in mind that the trams don’t always run 24/7, they stop operating on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11.30 pm.
  • Many restaurants in Alicante are closed between 4-9 pm for siesta and don’t open before 9 pm for dinner, so keep this in mind while planning your eating schedule.
  • At nights try not to walk alone on the darkened streets as muggers and pick-pocketers roam the alley.
  • Do not carry all of your important objects- passports, credit cards, money, etc - in one pocket it is better to carry around a copy of your passport while leaving the original behind in your hotel.
  • Be wise don't wave around enormous stacks of cash.
    Ambulance: 965 25 25 25
    National Police: 091 or 965 22 11 00
    Emergency: 112
    Police Station: 965 14 88 88
    Municipal/Local Police: 062 or 965 10 72 00
    Fire: 080 or 965 98 22 22

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Hi is it safe to fly to Benidorm, we’re flying in April because of corona virouise

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