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Visiting Alicante in December

Bike Riders, Alicante
Credit: Flickr / White Goforit / CC BY 2.0

Boasting of near-perfect temperate weather all year round, Alicante sits on the top spot of destinations to visit in December. You can explore, eat, drink and party without having to worry about the cold.

While there may be some rain, sunshine mostly dominates the weather and you won’t have to worry about the grey skies as well. Have a little work on your tan, relax at the local beaches and explore Alicante for the perfect relaxing vacation this December.

Coastline Alicante
Alicante, Credit: Pixy

You can explore the local attractions and learn the culture of the city, and you don’t even have to work up a sweat! The perfect way to spend some quality time friends and family can also be done by booking a Segway or bike tour. If you are staying for long then it is a perfect idea to hire a car and check out the neighbouring cities as well. Canelobre Caves, located a little away from Alicante is one must-visit spot.

Early December is ideal for booking and you may even find reduced hotel rates before the festive season begins. Compared to the summer, the city is ideal for walking around the beach with a cool breeze. Because of the sea and high humidity, the temperature during winter is kept well in control. You can check out the local restaurants and nightclubs, and even check to see the local ‘winter events’ taking place.

If you are booking your trip to Alicante during the wintertime, make sure to pack your wardrobe in a way that will withstand the varying temperatures throughout the city. Temperate day conditions call for a lighter wardrobe but make sure to carry a sweater or two for the falling temperatures at night. Also, be sure to keep in mind of light rainfall. With the perfect weather for a perfect city and you can have a fantastic holiday in Alicante in winter!

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