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Alicante’s Popular Street and Flea Markets for Shopping

Flea market
Credit: Pexels/Boys in Bristol Photography

The beauty of Alicante isn’t just the city beaches and delicious seafood cuisine. It is the culture, history and the vibrancy of the people! While it’s fun exploring the local attractions and landmarks, we recommend trying a day of mingling with locals and grabbing souvenirs from small business owners; and there’s no better way than visiting the street markets. Bargain & shop away!

Babel Street Market

Babel Street Market in Alicante should be at the top of your list if you're looking to find the best discounts with the best varieties of goods. Among the 538 stalls, there are second-hand items right from kitchenware to decor and even bicycles! Don't miss exploring this spot even if you buy a few small souvenirs.

El Campello Street Market

El Campello is a popular market held in Plaza Saint Christol Lez Ales every Wednesday excluding public holidays. Here you will find vibrant local goods like fruits, food, accessories, clothes and even home decor items! From the 180 stalls in the market, you have endless choices to pick. Happy shopping!

Santa Pola Market

Unlike the other markets on this list, Santa Pola is not located in the centre of the city but nearly 20 minutes away, near the Red Cross Centre. It's the perfect place to visit on weekends with a fresh cup of coffee as you shop for locally sourced food items that are often ethically grown and some even organic. It's among the best places to shop if you want to avoid the city centre crowds.

street market
Credit: Pixabay/Photo Mix

El Cisne Flea Market

If flea markets are more your jam, we recommend visiting El Cisne Flea Market at Avenida de la Comunitat Valenciana in Alicante. The popular market is perfect for bargain hunters looking to find antique goods and relics that have hidden stories. Enjoy your retail therapy and head to one of the local bars & restaurants close by for fueling up.

Benalúa Market

Benalúa Market is one of the few popular markets in Alicante that is open daily, giving the locals and tourists a place to mingle and support small business owners. From fresh baked goods to vegetables, fruits and even meat vendors, there is a lot to choose from. Don't forget to pick up some decor items and souvenirs during your stay!

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