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Easter in Alicante: What to Expect?

Easter parade, Spain
Credit: Pixabay/Luisfpizarro

The best part about booking a flight to Alicante is that you can expect to see some amazing scenic views and get your fill of visiting the beaches. While this city is amazing to visit all year round, there is something magical about Easter and spring season! From the natural bloom to the people getting ready for the festivities, you’ll have a lot of fun staying busy and mingling with locals. Read more to find out why!

The Easter festival, also called Semana Santa, is one of the most important religious festivals that is celebrated with a lot of pomp & flair. You'll find restaurants, cafes & small bakeries cooking up special delicacies that are traditional to the city and the festival.

The festivities kick off during Palm Sunday and last all the way until Easter Sunday where you'll get to watch different parades, plays and even ceremonies. Men, women and children all dress up, some in interesting costumes, to take part in parties and exciting events. As you walk around the cobbled city roads, you'll find statues of Jesus, The Virgin Mary and many more on windowsills and outside the balconies.

Virgin Mary
Credit: Pexels/Alem Sanchez

Vibrant and community-oriented, the city welcomes Holy Wednesday as the brotherhood in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood carries out a traditional procession. Holy Thursday is quite unique and a well-known attraction because the men and women will carry a different sanctity, walk in the opposite direction and meet each other in the middle of a plaza.

Good Friday is perhaps the most interesting day you cannot miss out on, is El Silencio. This parade is carried out in total silence. Watch locals walk carrying only a lantern without uttering a word. It is magical, but also somewhat emotional and eerie to observe as an outsider.

Whether you celebrate Easter or are just fascinated by it, exploring Alicante during this season will truly be a memorable experience. Book your flight to Alicante today!

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