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Tasty Appetisers For Every Occasion to Try in Alicante

Spanish Food
Garlic Shrimp. Credit: Pxhere

Whether you're planning on a lavish dinner on your vacation in Alicante or a kick-off to the New Year, you'll always find mouth-watering appetisers to go to. Get ready to enjoy the best Spanish appetisers and finger foods. Book a food tour, savour the Spanish delicacies, and enjoy the timeless memories of your vacation in Alicante. Here are some top picks that will tantalise your taste buds.

Gambas al Ajillo (Spanish Garlic Shrimp)

Gambas al Ajillo, or Spanish garlic shrimp, is a popular go-to food. It is a delight to see the juicy shrimp drizzled with olive oil and garlic sauce. The Spanish shrimp dish is meaty and juicy and goes well with a loaf of crusty bread to dunk in the heavenly sauce. Guests can find them at several restaurants in Alicante.

Spanish Empanadas 

Try some Spanish Empanadas, which are small savoury turnovers that have a rich olive oil crust and some really enticing fillings. Foodies will love these baked, savoury hand pies that are perfect for the merienda (afternoon snack). For those who wish to catch up with friends over a coffee, merienda makes a great go-to appetiser.

Albondigas (Spanish Meatballs)

Credit: Unsplash/Sam Moghadam Khamseh

Get ready to tuck in some yummy Spanish meatballs (albondigas). It is a dish that's irresistible, and the Spanish-style meatballs can melt in your mouth. Typically made from minced meat (beef and pork), they are blended with fried onions, cumin, and smokey paprika and shaped into small balls that are slowly cooked in rich tomato sauce. It makes a wholesome meal with rice or pasta and is also perfect as an appetiser accompanied by a glass of Spanish red wine. They are traditionally served at tapas bars in the city.

Manchego Croquetas

There's no comparison to the joy derived from savouring the Manchego Croquetas, which are quite like mozzarella sticks. The crisp bread crumb-laden fritters are small, lightly breaded, and made from Manchego cheese and mashed potatoes. They are buttery, smooth, and delicious, and most definitely a go-to snack when you are on a vacation in the city.

Alicante offers some of the most delectable Spanish appetisers that are ideal to kick off a meal. 

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