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Taste the Seafood in Alicante

Esgrarrat, Credit: PD Photo

Have you ever thought of visiting a city, purely to taste its delicious food? Alicante, a breathtakingly beautiful Mediterranean port city is known for its scenic beaches and unique architecture and history. What many people fail to realize is the significance, seafood holds in the city of Alicante. Read more on the top seafood delicacies that you must try before you leave. Happy eating!


They are a necessary food item in Alicante’s cuisine. You will find that it is essentially a salted fish dish, which can include a wide variety of seafood from tuna and cod to octopus or anchovies.

Denia Prawns

The red, succulent prawns from Denia are widely considered to be the best in the world. With a little garlic, some olive oil and spices for your taste buds, this particular seafood is quite popular and can be converted from a simple item to a gourmet delight, all depending on where you eat.


Another popular dish in the Alicante cuisine, it is essentially a mixture of cod and fresh, red peppers. The entire dish balances the sweetness of the peppers with the cod. Order up some bread and finish up this juicy delicacy!

Arroz a banda

Arroz a banda
Arroz a banda
Credit: Flickr / Javier Lastras / CC BY 2.0

It is a delicious, rich dish that is cooked in fish stock with little fish, garlic and peppers. Served separately from the seafood, the preparation of the stock and the quality of the rice is very important.

Head on over to Alicante and don’t miss a chance to taste the delightful seafood this Mediterranean city has to offer!

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Antoine Parisis
I know very well "El Portal" in Alicante. TOP! I wonder myself why you have not many adresses in the Michelin or GaultMillau !?

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