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Top 6 Casinos in Spain to Visit on Your Next Trip

Credit: Unsplash

There is something special about visiting a physical casino. The lights, sounds, and prospects of winning a lot of money just seem to fill the air. This is made even more fun when you visit another country and experience the nuances that make their own casinos unique. This is certainly the case with Spain. You will find that there are a number of popular casinos dotting its landscape that are worthy of your patronage. As long as you are ready to have some fun and are responsible while playing, you will find that this makes for a great night out when in Spain. 

Casino Barcelona

This is one casino that you can't neglect when you are in this iconic city. Here is a modern operation that is quite chic. You will not find a bunch of gimmicks at this casino. It is meant to draw in people who know what they want from a casino and are ready to get down to the business of playing. Just about any type of table game imaginable can be found at Casino Barcelona. You will also be able to enjoy a nice meal in one of the restaurants that are located on the premises. 

Casino de Ibiza

Ibiza is world-famous for its clubs. In fact, this might be why you are desiring to visit this part of Spain as well. However, everyone needs a break at some point. When that time comes for you, this is a casino that should be on your list to visit. It is a themed casino that reflects the unique culture inherent to Ibiza itself. This adds a character and flair to the place that is addicting. You will love playing here. 

Casino Torrequebrada

This is yet another casino that you will love. It is housed inside a hotel, so that takes care of your lodging needs as well. When you are in Southern Spain, this is a casino where you can play a number of popular table games as much as you like. If you don’t feel like hitting the casino floor you can always play games like roulette at You can sit in bed wearing nothing but your pajamas and play live action games. 

Admiral Casino and Lodge

You will need a place to stay while in Spain, so you might as well consider having your room located right in a casino itself. This will ensure that you are always in the midst of the action. You will find that this casino has a gaming floor in excess of 40,000 square feet. That means you will always find a game with your name on it. When you have reached your limit and cannot stand on your feet any longer, you will never be very far away. 

Casinco de Ceuta by Luckia

This is perhaps the most unique and charming casino that you will find in Spain. The building itself looks like a castle. It is meant to reflect the history and heritage of Ceuta. You will also find that this casino contains its own resort, so you can relax near the pool by day and gamble all night. 

Casino Gran Madrid Torrelodones

If you are looking for an excuse to dress up a bit, this is an upscale casino that you will enjoy. There is often some live music to add to the atmosphere. The restaurants here are rated highly as well, so your hunger will be kept at bay. 
These are six casinos that will make your visit to Spain a memorable one. Depending on where you are in the country, you should consider putting one or more of these on your must see list. Make a night of it. There are plenty of games to be played and money to be won if everything goes your way. Set out to have a great time and you are sure to take away many memories that will last a lifetime. 

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