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Explore Alicante’s Best Theatres

Credit: Pixabay

The wonderful and scenic city of Alicante is always a pleasure to visit when you want to spend some time with your family and friends. The city is a perfect beach destination with idyllic weather conditions. This Spanish city has a lot of historical attractions for you to check out, but the nightlife in Alicante is even more fun! If you love music and want to discover the culture of this city then try visiting some of the city’s best theatres.

Teatro Principal de Alicante

A dominating structure in the city of Alicante, the Teatro Principal de Alicante exudes charm which matches the true purpose of the building. Ornately designed from both inside and outside, this medium-sized theatre is one of the most popular ones in Alicante and the concerts and shows played here will surely not disappoint you.

La Guitarreria Tablao

Another place to visit and check out the performances in Alicante is the La Guitarreria Tablao. The place offers an excellent atmosphere, friendly staff and even the guitar, dancing and singing performed is fun to enjoy, especially on a night out.

El Taller Tumbao

A popular hotspot for people who love the art and culture in Alicante is El Taller Tumbao. Despite its size, the place exudes character and is known to host multiple performances including improvisation, micro theatre, live music concerts and so much more! Besides that, the atmosphere will make you feel completely at home.

Explore the Spanish land the cuisine and enjoy one of the many events in Alicante. 

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