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Best Time To Visit Alicante

Credit: Pixabay

Alicante is one of the most renowned city-ports in Spain and also one of the most beautiful places in the entire Peninsula. The impressive Santa Barbara Castle, built way above the city limits, is the first thing that comes to sight when arriving in Alicante for the first time. The 19th-century architecture is perfectly mixed with some of the most interesting modern edifices. Most Hotels and Restaurants here are up to date with the latest high-end facilities in case visitors arrive right in the midst of a rainy period. Fast and stable Wi-Fi Hotspots are available in all places, and catching up with the latest events back home, checking the online betting action or free slots games to download will prove extremely easy.

The Main Attractions of Alicante

Each year thousands of tourists from all over the world choose this magnificent Mediterranean Port for spending their vacations, eager to land on the island of Tabarca, a beautiful piece of land on the Mediterranean Sea that used to be a famous headquarters of Barbary pirates. Along to the natural relief and impressive historical sites, is also a great destination for cultural events and festivals, of which the majority take place during the Summer solstice.

The Climate and Best Time to Visit Alicante

The Mediterranean climate predominates, making the summers dry and hot and the winters, mild and a little cool. During July and August, the hottest months of the summer season, the temperatures rarely drop below 30ºC. This would be a lot harder to endure if not for the refreshing and cooling breeze of the Mediterranean Sea. The temperatures systematically decrease towards October, reaching an average of 26ºC. Subsequently, the best possible time-frame for visiting this wonderful city and Spanish port spreads between May and October. The same Mediterranean climate ensures over 320 days with sunshine each year, making any period selected within these parameters viable. 

Credit: Pixabay

The Cold Season and When to Avoid Trips to Alicante

There are also periods during which the climate becomes rather hostile, and in this direction, first-time visitors should definitely avoid December, January, and February. This period practically forces in-door living, which can be quite annoying to the new visitors. To add some entertainment during cold and dull weather, tourists can always check one of the numerous online Casino operators for a free slot bonus no deposit, and see if their luck improves. These are the coldest months of the year, and in Alicante, they translate through temperatures between 8ºC and 16ºC. December is particularly harsh and daily rains of approximate 45mm generally make it a month to avoid. By January and February, the temperature increases, up to a maximum level of 12ºC.

Credit: Pixabay

From time to time nature derails a bit from its normal course surprising locals through unusually long periods of rains or drought, yet these are quite a rarity, as the climate in Alicante will mostly follow its regular evolution. To sum everything up, the best time to visit the beautiful city of Alicante and its top attractions can be pinned down to anywhere between May and October, so make sure to plan everything ahead in order to enjoy the experience in full.

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