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Top 5 Things To Do in Alicante

Santa Barbara Castle
Santa Barbara Castle, Credit: Pixabay
Alicante is a popular holiday destination with exceptional photographic novelty, turquoise waters, and golden beaches. Visit Alicante all year-round and enjoy the matchless attractions.
There is something for everyone in the city from beach lovers and golfers to culture seekers, and here is our handpicked list of the top 5 things to do in Alicante.

Santa Barbara Castle
The castle of Santa Bárbara is one of the main landmarks in Alicante. Nestled on the Mount Benacantil, at a height of 166-meters, this medieval fortress offers spectacular views and great photo opportunities. The castle houses a museum and also holds temporary exhibitions.

San Nicolas Cathedral
The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas of Bari is one of the most iconic structures in Alicante. Admire the blue dome and the exceptional exteriors of the cathedral. Visit inside the cathedral and marvel at the Baroque-style communion chapel one of Spain’s masterpieces, and the Baroque altar of Saint Nicholas of Bari.

Explanda de Espana
Explanda de Espana
Explanda de Espana, Credit: Pixabay
The Explanada de España, the city’s emblematic maritime promenade is spread across the marina. Romantically curated by architect José Guardiola Picó, the Mediterranean waves are depicted and captured on the floor with tri-coloured marble tiles. Look out for the Paseo de Gadea, the art market and enjoy your stroll in the balmy sea breeze.

MARQ - Museo Arqueológico Provincial de Alicante
The museums in Alicante are cultural hotspots. Visit MARQ, the archaeology museum which has a rich collection of classified and catalogued works. The museum offers an exclusive opportunity to soak in local history through various audio-visual presentations and interactive sessions.

Bonfires of Saint John
Alicante celebrates the start of the summer (the Summer solstice) through a spectacular fiesta every year - bonfires of San Juan. This pagan celebration is an electrifying display of fireworks, colours, and music. You will love to experience the San Juan Festival that takes place in June.

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