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Amazing Ways to Ring in the New Year for Couples in Alicante

Credit: Pixabay/Ivan eduardo frias araujo

Love must always be celebrated, and if you wish to surprise your better half with an amazing place to ring in the New Year - think of Alicante. It's a great place to start the year by drinking Spanish cava, dancing the night away, and watching impressive fireworks. Get ready to spend romantic moments with private sightseeing tours in Alicante. Tag along!

Beachfront resort and care

Alicante has some amazing resorts, and it is a great idea to ring in the New Year at a hangout that overlooks the sea. It's an excellent way to relax, disconnect, and get pampered in the exquisite setting of the resort, surrounded by palm trees. What better way than to share a holistic experience that caters to the needs of you and your better half?

Enjoy a drive-in cinema

How can one miss out on visiting a 1950s-style drive-in cinema? With cars lined up in rows, dimmed lights, refreshing drinks, and snacks, they are the making of a romantic night out. Wait for the lights to go down and enjoy an incredible movie with your arm around your partner. It's also a perfect setting to share a few kisses with the dimmed lights. Check out the best drive-in cinemas at El Sur and Drive In.

Romantic dining with splendid views

Credit: Unsplash/Louis Hansel

It's fun to try new flavours and share notes on tastes and unique experiences as a couple. Alicante is blessed with gorgeous restaurants where one can enjoy a fantastic menu that blends tradition and avant-garde. Get ready to have a delectable dining experience in the backdrop of mesmerising views.

Sail to Tabarca

Those who love the wind on their face and enjoy serene waters must take time in the New Year for a stint of sailing just 22 km (13.5 miles) away from Alicante. Plan a 30-minute boat trip from Santa Pola port, one of the most romantic spots near Alicante, to an ancient pirate hideout where couples can spend a few days learning the captivating history of this tiny island. Plus, guests will love the breathtaking views and exceptional food.

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