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Experience the Las Fallas Fiesta in Valencia near Alicante

Las Fallas Fiesta
Las Fallas Fiesta
Credit: cesar.ruiz / CC BY-SA 3.0

Located on the southeastern coast of Costa Blanca, lies the well-known tourist destination - Alicante. Known for the scenic views, near-perfect weather and even stunning coast, Alicante is a prized Spanish jewel attracting thousands of visitors. During your tour in Alicante, don’t forget to visit the town of Valencia as they begin the Las Fallas Fiesta in March.

The Las Fallas Fiesta is nothing short of an international festival where the celebrations last for a week. The fiesta merges tradition, culture, and art, and also celebrate letting go of all that is negative and bad and embracing a brighter and more positive future. 

The Fiesta begins on the 15th of March and lasts till the 19th of March, and all that is bad or considered evil is burnt during this time. Aside from all the dance and music, every neighbourhood in Valencia collects all the junk they require to be burnt. As per tradition, a rustic parrot is also burnt during the process and is then later brought to life with rags covering up and using the hat as ahead, creating a ‘Ninot’ figure.

 Plaza de la Virgen
Plaza de la Virgen
Credit: Diego Delso / CC BY-SA 4.0

During this time you will also get to see the Offering of Flowers ceremony in Plaza de la Virgen, where ladies give away beautiful flowers used to create a stunning 15m tapestry for the Virgin Mary. It truly is a sight to marvel, especially when you are on your holiday trip!

Read more and be informed about the local festivals when you travel to Alicante, and get a chance to participate in the celebrations!

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