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Top 5 restaurants in Alicante, Spain

When visiting Alicante, Spain after all the sightseeing that one person can handle and when you are absolutely starving and thirsty check out these restaurants below, they may peak your interest to maybe try something new or just to eat what you already know.
With the beer selection and wine selection all these restaurants have, you may end up just staying there the rest of the night enjoying the experience, and if you are with friends then the night is endless. I have listed the top 5 restaurants that I suggest to visit below:
alicante cerveceria sento
Cervecena Sento - This restaurant may be quite pricey, any visitor will enjoy the different beers, wines and Tapas. Awesome place to sit and relax after a long day of sightseeing.

Nou Manoun - Offers variety of dishes including desserts. The main foods are Tapas and seafood. The location is wonderful and great if you are the type of person that likes to sit and watch people.

Monastrell - Has very good prices they also serve Tapas and seafood. They have a staff that has excellent customer service, several choices of wine and beers.

Spiga - If you are looking for a cheaper food joint with good location and great customer service, then this will be the place for you to go. They offer to sit inside and outside while you are eating and enjoying your meal. They also offer the best beers and wines.
alicante La taberna del
La Taberna Del Gourmet - This restaurant has always been known for being the Taste of Spain restaurant. They offer super delicious Italian food as well as tapas and seafood. The customer service is divine.

Alicante offers plenty of restaurants. Please our page to know about some more restaurants in Alicante.

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