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How To Make Money as a Tourist in Alicante

sea beach, Alicante
Credit: Unsplash/Jorge Fdez

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Enjoy Alicante's stunning beaches and party atmosphere while making money as a tourist. Discover the best freelancing and remote work avenues to explore.

Alicante is known, among other things, for its stunning beaches and party vibes in Spain's sun-kissed Costa. Tourists can easily get lost in the city's archaeological displays, aqua fitness classes, medieval artifacts, castle elevator rides, and summer concerts. Leisure aside, you may also be keen on the lucrative side of things. Here are ways to generate an income as an Alicante tourist.

The World of Freelancing

The rise of freelancing is a global phenomenon triggered by the gradual decline of permanent jobs. It provides several benefits for employers and business owners who prefer to hire ad hoc.

Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork make freelancing easier for beginners. However, it is worth exploring more 'cold' approaches, such as prospecting potential clients on LinkedIn.

While you can freelance in any career, the most in-demand and well-paying work involves copywriting, graphic design, web development, programming, social media management, and video editing.

Language Tuition

man and woman
Credit: Unsplash/Annika Gordon

Spanish is, of course, the go-to native tongue in Alicante. Yet, English remains the universal language. Hence, fluent English-speaking tourists can capitalize on the demand for English tuition in this region. Other popular languages you may teach in Alicante include French, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Enquiring at tertiary education institutions and libraries is one way to enter the language tuition industry. Alternatively, travelers may find more joy by becoming private tutors.

Foreign language tuition offers great benefits like advanced educational opportunities, flexible hours, and excellent pay.

Travel Blogging

Imagine being able to monetize your beautiful experiences and adventures in Alicante. Travel blogging is the ideal way to do this.

Primarily, tourists can expect to create content (usually on a website or blog) about their traveling expertise in Alicante and monetize the traffic with contextual advertisements. Another alternative is affiliate marketing, which allows you to recommend certain valuable products or services related to the area for a commission.

In addition to the financial benefits, travel blogging can help you create lasting memories while offering your audience valuable information and inspiration.

Selling Photos And Videos to Proprietary Stock Photo/Video Suppliers

You are blogging about your majestic travels in Alicante and have a photographic or videographic knack. This can be monetized! You could post your beautiful photos and videos to your Instagram account. You can also sell them to the many copyright-free stock photo/video suppliers, such as Getty Images, Unsplash, Pexels, and Shutterstock.

The critical ingredient for success is understanding the required quality, complexity, uniqueness, and usability of your images and videos for each platform. On the bright side, tourists can produce excellent work using a high-quality smartphone without fancy equipment.

The scope of clients expands beyond the likes of Unsplash and Pexels, as travelers should consider individuals and private/public companies.

Online Trading

Credit: Pexels/George Morina

Online trading can expand beyond your time in Alicante. While it's a skill that requires a long-term investment in time, it can prove the most lucrative compared to the other money-making methods. Beginner traders can speculate or invest in various financial markets with the help of user-friendly charting platforms like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Take a bet on Spain's currency, the euro, against other currencies in forex. Or trade the country's blue-chip companies in stocks and indices. Other tradable instruments include futures, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.

It's worth mentioning that trading is risky, so it's only suitable for some. Yet, many examples exist of traders perfecting the art through dedication, perseverance, and experience.

Au Pairing

Becoming an au pair is a niche travel job for young tourists who love caring for children. The first advantage is that au pairs can make above-average money. Secondly, they usually work up to 40 hours weekly, freeing time to explore more of Alicante or engage in other activities.

One challenging expense for travelers in any country is housing or lodging. Thankfully, au pairs often have a roof over their heads since the host family covers their accommodation and most of their meals.

Finally, being an au pair can be a great way to learn the culture of Alicante.

Universal Trades

Most of the income-generating avenues discussed here are based in the online, digital realm. Yet, tourists should also explore jobs that are in universal demand. You can become a waiter or bartender while serving Alicante's cuisine in its vibrant nightlife.

Or how about a hairdresser, instructor, photographer, tattoo artist, massage therapist, receptionist? The scope is endless with the somewhat ordinary yet necessary work you can do in Alicante.

Working Travel in Alicante

While traveling is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many, it can become expensive. Fortunately, tourists can kill two birds with one stone by enjoying their travels and lessening some financial burden through profitable skills. While our tech-savvy world often favors digital work like freelancing and travel blogging, explorers should also consider everyday jobs that can earn them money in Alicante.

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