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Taste the Seafood in Alicante

January 12, 2018
Have you ever thought of visiting a city, purely to taste its delicious food? Alicante, a breathtakingly beautiful Mediterranean port city is known for its scenic beaches and unique architecture and history. What many people fail to realize is the significance, seafood holds in the city of Alicante. Read more on the top seafood delicacies that you must try before you leave. Happy eating!
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How to Sit and Relax When on Holiday

January 04, 2018
Holidays are our favourite times of the year, as we’re able to runaway from the dreary world we live in and explore some place new. We may choose to visit somewhere we’ve never been before, to give us a clean slate of experiences, or we may opt to revisit a popular destination of ours. There’s no wrong way to be a holidaymaker… except if you don’t allow yourself some time to relax.
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Ways to Celebrate New Year in Alicante

December 29, 2017
It is almost time for a New Year and a new start. If you are visiting the beautiful city of Alicante, you can check out the local hotspots and historic attractions this scenic city has to offer. Now while you can check them out any day, this is a day when it is time to be more social and enjoy with the crowd. We have written about some of the best things you can do during New Year’s Eve in Alicante, whether you are in town for the weekend or for the week.
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Must Taste Christmas Food in Alicante

December 19, 2017
Christmas has finally arrived! If you are in Alicante enjoying a well-deserved break and are celebrating Christmas then this festival is ideal for you. With Christmas, the most important thing to consider is the food. Whether you are on holiday or staying with some local friends, we have written about some Spanish dishes that you simply must try when you are visiting Alicante.

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